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Web Conferencing – How Law Firms Can Leverage The Benefits

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With the influx of various web conferencing technologies that is available today to allow you to communicate and collaborate online, is your law firm leveraging this technology in order to grow its business and develop a closer relationship with its clients? If not you should! That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. If your organization or law firm holds many meetings, presentations, consultations, and other group events then utilize a medium that can place everyone on the same page. Law firms are starting to follow a trend, and invest in their firm’s technology, yes-collaborative integrated web conferencing that includes of course video, data, and audio capability, and at the top of this list video conferencing or face-to-face collaboration and the ability to modify documents in real-time. There are many benefits from leveraging web conferencing and they are as follows: We’re only going to mention a few but they are reduced travel time, reduced travel expenses, increased productivity, client retention, continuing education and training, recruiting, and face-to-face billable client collaboration.

Can you see by leveraging collaborative web conferencing how your law firm can increase its bottom line? What a great marketing tool! By positioning your web site, a law firm can easily initiate a video, data, or audio conferencing meeting on-line in real-time. Now your law firm has just added numerous benefits and increased value to its law service offerings that will have a nice ROI. So ask the members of your law firm, this one major question, where do we see our law firm in 3 to 5 years by leveraging web conferencing?

Earlier we mentioned trends regarding video, data, and audio web conferencing. Let us explore how video, data, and audio conferencing technology trends can provide benefits for your law firm.

Web Conferencing Technology Trends and Collaborative Tools:

• Integrated Web Conferencing Tools – Audio, data and desktop video conferencing is now integrated which gives online participants the ability to conduct remote virtual meetings in real-time. With this level of integration, you now have the capabilities to experience full sensory, inspire a genuine participation and greater productivity. Enhanced hands-on collaboration, with document viewing and editing in real-time, application sharing, live face-to-face contact with participants, follow the person speaking capability and web internet browsing; all this is seamlessly installed by merely a click of a few buttons and installed through a web browser. The trend here is integration of audio, data, and video conferencing with flexibility, ease-of-use, and enhanced features and functionality.

• Reservationless Conferencing Tools – This type of tool allows participants to conduct a phone conference from anywhere with instant access, integrated recording capabilities, single conference id, meet with 125 + people of course this will be (based on the provider that you use). This includes participants on the phone and thousands on the web, security, roll call capability, and web based call control and a host of other features and functionality that are just too many to mention here as well.

• Seminar Web Conferencing Tools – Whether you need to train a large group of employees, conduct educational training, or collect leads, this collaboration tool will do the job. Some of the features are as follows… Schedule and plan an event, invite your participants, manage invitee lists, customized your list, automatically send event reminders through your Outlook® client, automate and manage online seminars and presentations is a snap with this collaborative tool. This web conferencing tool offers additional features and functionality not listed here as well.

• Unlimited Conferencing and Operator-Assisted Conferencing Tools – The use of these collaborative tools offer a host of audio conferencing features, and functionality.
(1) For example, the unlimited conferencing tool allows easy all-you-can-use toll access depending on the provider offering the service. With instant access, a single conference ID, unsurpassed security, and the ability to add web presentations such as a PowerPoint® presentation, web based call control features to enhance your audio conference. (2) The use of operator-assisted conferencing is very similar to unlimited conferencing but offers a suite of customized conferencing features based on the clients needs. Automated capabilities consist of participant dial-in and automated greeting, security lock to prevent uninvited participants from joining a meeting, participant entry tone, touchtone Q&A, and recording functionality all from your phone.

With the trend and the embracing of integrated collaborative web conferencing technology for law firms the benefits, value and the ROI is going to increase. As we move forward, the technology gets better and better, and tightly integrated into applications that you use on a day-to-day basis for example Microsoft Outlook®. Ask yourself this one question, how can our law firm utilize and leverage integrated web conferencing solutions to enhance our business bottom line?

Industry-Specific Uses of Integrated Web Conferencing for Law Firms:

Let us face the facts, businesses, companies, and industries run on meetings. By leveraging web conferencing to conduct meetings online in real-time has a tremendous amount of uses and benefits. A few of those uses are sales lead generation, distance learning, telemedicine, and collaborative communications for legal firms. Let us focus on solutions for law firms!

Conferencing Strategies Especially for Law Firms –

• Face-to-Face Billable Client Collaboration – This concept of leveraging video conferencing to meet with clients, have partner meetings, collaborate on deals, and develop closer relationships. By conducting video conferencing online in real-time will allow your law firm to generate additional revenue to increase its bottom line.

• Make live face-to-face contact with clients, partners, and other participants in remote locations and read body language through integrated desktop video. Follow the person speaking; take the podium to focus attention on a subject. Share any documents that you can print and convert them while preserving animations and effects. To enhance security, all documents reside securely on the presenter’s computer rather than a central host. Share applications and edit documents in real-time.

• Conduct continuing education and training in real-time for attorney’s in remote locations by scheduling an event, client consultation, staff training, recruiting, and record it for participants that could not attend the event for later access and viewing.

• Conduct legal depositions by leveraging video conferencing with lawyers, and clients geographically dispersed in other cities or towns. Record proceedings with an enhanced web cam right from your desktop in a secured environment for future access and viewing.

One major key here is to outsource this service and leverage the many benefits. In order to implement a value-added service offering to your law firm is to choose a conferencing service provider that will fulfill your conferencing needs. Let us briefly discuss how to choose and evaluate what to look for in a conferencing provider, consider the following factors:

• Choose a conferencing provider that offers a wide range of conferencing services and solutions
• The conferencing provider should be committed to providing new technologies on a periodic basis
• Own and manage the network and infrastructure providing the conferencing services with proven reliability
• Choose a conferencing provider that has been in the business for a substantial number of years and have the ability to adapt to changes in the market and in conferencing technologies
• Choose a conferencing provider that offers extra features, functionality and value-added services
• Choose a conferencing provider that provides exceptional customer service, technical support, and a knowledgeable staff, which is a major key

• Cost should not be the deciding factor when choosing a conferencing provider. Attempting to cut corners in order to save money on conferencing costs can and will adversely affect your law firm’s bottom line


In closing, web conferencing offers businesses and companies ways to increase productivity, reduce expenses and enhance the way they conduct business. By embracing and leveraging collaborative web conferencing technology and incorporating it into your business today, your law firm can truly, enhance its bottom line. “Let’s collaborate online.”

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