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Use Your Mind And Grow Rich!

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We are not the largest physical living organisms in this world, yet we have power over the earth, and all things in it. The Universe has given us this control through our minds and our conscious ability to formulate ideas. Our capacity to form ideas gives us the ability to reason and think logically.

We have discovered and explored all the physical law’s, we have put these laws into action to benefit our comfort and convenience. And yet with our vast capacity to know and to understand, we still fail to turn our attention on ourselves. We are familiar with everything but ourselves. We allow ignorance or lack of knowledge, fear and superstition to control our thinking.

But if we can apply the same knowledge and science to ourselves that we have applied to the world of physical things, our unhappiness and want for things will be a thing of the past.

With the speed of our imaginations, we can fly around our minds and investigate all things material and immaterial. We can fly around among the planets in the solar system, the stars in the distant stellar systems, and even make a fairly accurate study of the universe and our relationship to it.

You are so amazing that you are able to comprehend invisible ideas behind visible things. You can visualise the artist in a picture, and the thought behind a product. You have acquired the ability to form ideas, to establish the relationship between cause and effect, and to have the conception of your own ability. You understand and are conscious of your power to think.

If you use your power to think in a logical way, you can direct your power to control yourself. It is through the use of this control that you can become a master of yourself. Since we can be masters and have this control, we could and should exercise our intelligence to establish control over ourselves, and not act as some kind of an accident in the world.

However, most of us are thing-minded and in our busy lives this causes us to lose sight of ourselves. We need to remind ourselves that everything that we have created has its starting point inside our own minds.

What is in your mind you will see in your experience. You created it. This is your creation. Do you see what you want in your life? It is an invisible idea before it is a physical thing in front of you. It is a thought, then a product. Your ability to create, invent and build all the things you want is your mind in action.

With your mental power, you are capable of reviewing yourself and your own achievements in your life. You are also capable of contemplating the cause and source of where you came from. Again, look around you, what is in your world, this is what you have created with all the collective thoughts in your mind. This is how you can use your mind to grow rich.

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  • Posted On October 27, 2006
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