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Articulating Boundaries of Behavioral Interaction with Artificial Intelligent Systems

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If artificial intelligent robotic androids are to work along side humans and become accepted into the normality of the home as household companions and work on assigned tasks in the home they will need to be capable of a wide range of human interaction. Likewise if artificially intelligent robotic systems are to become assistants in business, military and in space for NASA, they will be working around humans and need boundaries of personality which mimic those of humans, without the occasional out bursts and antagonistic behavior humans so often exhibit which indeed end up sabotaging personal relationships unnecessarily.

I propose that we use a an articulating or ever changing set of personality boundaries of behavioral interaction with the Artificial Intelligent Robotic Android Systems that we design and program. How so you ask? Well, sometimes humans will say the wrong thing and slightly upset another human, so perhaps the robotic artificial intelligent system would stop just short of pissing off the human, but come right to the edge. Other times it might be sweet as all get out. Other times it may be agitated its self or act upset at something a human said to it. Articulating boundaries of behavior let’s call it. It makes perfect sense and would be more human like and thus more easily accepted by the humans around it? Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On October 28, 2006
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