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10 Biggest Mistakes Vistitors Make at a Trade Show

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You see these folks at every trade show, walking the aisles.
Sometime they are just naïve. Sometimes they are just
obnoxious. Be prepared when they stop at your exhibit.

For first time visitors to a trade show, this is great advice.

1. Thinking the show is a party, not business – it’s all
business, all the time

2. Trying to sell to exhibitors – neither ethical nor legal.
Exhibitors paid money to sell, not you

3. Passing out résumés, hard-sell job-seeking – look for
good companies at the show, for look good jobs after the

4. Having no plan, not reading the show program – aimless
wandering is a waste of time and energy, plus you miss
great opportunities for networking

5. Not having business cards – marks you as a phony

6. Pretending to be a prospect, asking for “everything” –
wrong way to look for market intelligence

7. Looking only for give-aways, taking too many items – how
greedy can you be. Note, your kids do not buy, so don’t ask
for extras for them

8. Taking literature, etc. then throwing it out on the way out –
what an insult to exhibitors and the show

9. Being a mooch, crashing parties – don’t go where not

10. Being rude after the show when you are followed-up –
you invited the follow-up by attending, be polite

And, the Bonus …
Being boring, gossipy, sloppy, ill-mannered and badly
dressed. Enough said.


Julia O\'Connor - EzineArticles Expert Author

Julia O’Connor – Speaker, Author, Consultant – writes
about practical aspects of trade shows. As president of
Trade Show Training, inc,, now celebrating its 10th
year, she works with companies in a variety of
industries to improve their bottom line and marketing
opportunities at trade shows.

Julia is an expert in the psychology of the trade show
environment and uses this expertise in sales training
and management seminars. Contact her at
804-355-7800 or check the site


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