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Human Ego and Superiority Complexes

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Indeed humans have a superiority complex when it comes to their belief systems of where they belong on the animal kingdom chart with regard to the need to place themselves into a separate category. In fact superiority complexes are known throughout the animal kingdom in individuals of any given species, which is exhibited in pecking order contests and can be seen in individual personalities in animals.

But why is it that humans with their large brains often cannot reason their way out of such a dilemma? Why can’t they just admit that they too are merely animals instead of inventing reasons why they are not animals, by degrading other species and saying that they are nothing compared to humans? After all a tiger is much more adapted to his environment than we are in our created environment and huge civilizations.

It is almost as if mankind is still adapting to the environment he re-created and the animal inside each human is struggling to catch up. Evolutionarily speaking that is? Is this subject matter too heavy for you? You can click out. I was merely bringing up a point of contention, which you may have already noticed or should have considered. Perhaps you avoided this observation as it bothers one to consider such truths? Never the less the issue stands and the truth will not yield to the reality before us all. So, perhaps you might ponder these thoughts at your leisure and consider this in 2006.

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