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The Science Behind Genetic Tattoos of the Future

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In the future of course there will be tattoos and there will be the latest cutting edge genetic tattoos in 3D and full color. And will appear to be below the skin, as the first layers of skin and the cells below will become translucent. Imagine that, very excellent indeed. Recently a futurist brought this concept to the attention of an online think tank. And another online think tanker was intrigued and called upon him for clarification in stating:

“But if its genes that maintains the tattoo they must be specific for an individual so that even if the tissue from that part is transferred for any illegal purpose to another those genes should not develop the same tattoo …..but the tissue should be capable of regenerating the same tattoo itself in case of minor injuries”

Yes, now you see what I am saying. Very good discussion here, my thoughts were that it could not be passed on and it would be specific in nature to the individual [unless a clone] then there maybe ways to make that happen in the future, but there are not now with current science. And since the code for the new cells is embedded it regenerates with each change. Although for high security clearances using genetic tattoos; eventually the tattoo should not regenerate perfectly and thus it would be the same as changing the code, combo or lock at the front gate? So you could modify the cells themselves instead and insure that the security clearance tattoo was only good for a couple of years max.

But for personal expression it makes the most sense to switch to genetic tattoos, as cutting up your body for a tattoo is medically dangerous and can lead to issues and infection. Perhaps a modification of cell expression like eating a lot of carrots turns you your skin orange or the little coy fish modifications for color we often see might be a good idea and then simply coat the cells like those original theories of stopping HIV from moving to AIDS. Fun stuff to think on and perhaps you will consider this in 2006.

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