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The 10 Secrets to a Perfectly Flowing Chocolate Fountain!

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If you’ve ever set up a chocolate fountain and the chocolate has slowly dredged down, drooped and parted then you need to learn the step by step SECRETS to a perfectly flowing Chocolate Fountain.

Firstly, the machine its-self should be assembled correctly.

1) Correctly Assemble the fountain (A no brainier? guess again. I’ve seen many fountains with tiers upside down creating pools of chocolate).

2) You need a level surface! I’ve done chocolate fountains on practically 15% gradients and its a nightmare. Make sure the venue supplies you with a sturdy, flat table on a flat surface.

3) The new mini chocolate fountains have adjustable feet. Its mightily important these are just perfect.

4) Turn Chocolate Fountain heat to 90 on the dial!

Now, its time to melt the Chocolate, and this is key:

5) Use 35% Coca Content Curvature Chocolate chips.

6) Place 1KG of said chips in a container, and cover with 100ml of Sunflower (its better then vegetable) oil.

7) Place in microwave at 500W for 6 minutes. Stir every 2 minutes until purely melted.

8) Any blackening of the Chocolate hints that its burnt, discard this, its useless.

9) Don’t re-use your Chocolate!

Time to pour the chocolate into the fountain. Make sure you’ve put enough in (read your fountains instruction manual) and then turn on.

10) As the chocolate fountain reaches the top tier. Turn the Chocolate Fountain off! Leave for one minute. This will get rid of any air bubbles on the auger.

Turn the Chocolate Fountain back on and BAM! A Perfect flowing Chocolate Fountain. If the chocolate ever seems to be parting or be leaning to one side then simply wedge some cardboard under the fountain to get it level.

And that’s the 10 secrets to Chocolate Heaven.

Gary Porter is a Chocolate Fountain Fanatic! After launching Chocolate Fountain Newcastle the North’s first Chocolate Fountain hire company, he learnt through trial and lots of error, the way of the perfect Chocolate Flow.


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  • Posted On October 30, 2006
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