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Writing a Winning Resume is Not Always Critical to Getting that Perfect Job!

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve submitted your resume to numerous potential employers and got no response’s?

Even if you got that first interview did it win you that dream role?

The following tips will help you with your attitude to produce a winning resume / curriculum vitae.

Remember your Resume has just seconds to get their attention!

Make a good first impression with a great looking layout, use a template from a template company, you can find some free-one’s online.

Don’t copy a standard formula, be as different as possible employers will look for people who stand out even if this means using colour and buying the best quality printing paper.

Don’t be boring…be straight to the point.

Droning on about how amazing you are at everything will only make you look over confident.

Employers actually like personality sometimes over achievements, if you can show in words what your personality is like you’ll be on-to a winner most times.

Make you introduction brief, snappy but to the point!
Write naturally and fluently, don’t over do it

I guarantee you 99% of resumes look the same, having seen many as an employer myself I continually see bad grammar, crumpled paper, copycat layouts, smudged ink,

Use a professional coloured binder and place your covering letter and resume inside, this will not only look fantastic but put you a the top of a pile of white paper!

Finally, never lie in your resume this will win you no favours if you win the position.

Of course, the most important thing you can do is be yourself, think of your resume as your sales person. You need to sell yourself quickly to get that all important first interview, once you’ve done that your in.

The next step is to make sure to go over the job role and know everything about the company you may be working for although not always necessary is will help you. Many employers will try to trick you (yes this does happen) in an interview to see how you can deal with certain situations. I personally think this is a stupid way to interview a prospective employee and have never done this myself. They are just trying to confuse you.

Top Tip for this: be clever and answer them with a question, for instance. Employer – “how many colours does our company logo have?” your answer – “I think a logo should say everything about a company don’t you think?” confuse them back and see what happens.

To be honest, if this does happen to you in your dream job always think about who you may have to work with, is it really worth it if the boss is a jerk or the employees look like a bunch a sharks ready to walk over you to get to the top. Most job’s have this stigma of clicky atmosphere’s. I would personally way up your all your options before jumping in (remember there will always be another opportunity).

Finally never take a position out of desperation, this may show in an interview you could also end up hating the position which will then lead to all sorts of issues possibly even dismissal.

Good luck for the future.

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