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Getting It Right: Professional Resume

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It seems so simple: write down your previous jobs and give some educational history, maybe offer a few details about what you want out of life. Easy stuff, right?

Maybe not.

A poorly written resume is worse than not having one at all. It can easily undo everything that is presented at an interview. No matter how perfectly you word your phrases, they will all be forgotten the minute an employer scans over a shoddy resume.

So, what do you do? One way is to, of course, write it yourself, using templates and other sources, and hope your skills with words match your experiences. But, for those not so confident in their writing abilities, the smartest option is to have a professional resume prepared.

There are multiple sites and organizations dedicated to helping you craft the perfect professional resume. You provide the information and they turn it into something you can be proud of. Having a professional resume created offers you the best chance of impressing employers.

Of course, it must be noted that there is a disadvantage to this process: cost. Professional resume companies charge–sometimes heavily–for their services. Some may not want to pay for what they consider just “a couple pieces of paper”. This may be your mindset. Perhaps you think you could write a solid resume on your own and, perhaps, you can. All should take notice, however, of what they think their skills are, compared to what they really are.

You might be able to create a good resume; if so, create one. But, you should never rely just on your perceptions. You must be sure to let others read it, giving their opinions on what you can improve. If, after different suggestions, you don’t feel the resume is what it should be, consider a professional resume service.

Yes, they do charge and, yes, sometimes it can be much. The key is to research. You might find better deals online than through a standard service, or you could, at least, use the Internet to discover how many options you have available to you. Never go with the first company you stumble across; this is not a wise decision. Compare prices and rates until you find one that can offer quality and affordability. Often, these businesses will offer samples of their work. Decide if their style will suit
what you need.

If you seem to have trouble correctly wording your professional resume, or don’t get the responses you desire, it would be wise to look into these services. A professional resume is written by individuals who know what future employers look for; they are well-schooled in catching, and keeping, the attention. So, for the sake of your future, don’t sneer at the idea of receiving help. A resume–for all the talk of it being just a piece of paper–is important.

You don not want to ruin your chances of success with a poor one. Consider a professional resume service; they can help you create a resume tailored for your abilities.

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