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Resume Cover Letters Explained

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A resume cover letter is an integral part of the job search. A professional seeking a position within a company should never submit a resume with an appropriate resume cover letter attached, that is, if they want to land the job. Companies do not just receive one, five or even ten resumes when they post an available position. They receive hundreds or even thousands depending on the current job market, the size of the company and the area in which they are located. Therefore, when they initially approach the pile of resumes on their desk, their first order of business is to weed out those who have overlooked one of the most important parts of the resume, and that is the resume cover letter. They literally toss out all of the resumes in the pile that do not have one attached. Therefore, by not sending one, you make their job a little easier.

Resume cover letter samples on this site can be utilized to develop an eye-catching cover letter, especially if this all sounds Greek to you. Basically, the job of the resume cover letter is to introduce the person behind the resume. A resume lists skills, education, experience and such but the cover letter gives the “why.” An employer can see by a resume whether the candidate is qualified for the job, but the resume cover letter gives the employer a more detailed insight into the prospective employee.

The resume cover letter tells the employer why the candidate wants the job, why they think they would be a perfect fit for the organization, a brief overview of their skills and experience that directly relates to the position for which they are applying and an insight into their professional career style. A well-written resume cover letter sells the resume by selling the professional behind it.

A resume cover letter is a virtual handshake that unfolds to present the resume. Having a strong, supportive and professional handshake is vital. First impressions are the most important. Make the first impression a prospective employer has of you a lasting one by utilizing the free sample cover letter on this site. Resume cover letter writing services are also available.

Don’t make the mistake of jotting down a few lines about yourself and your experience and putting it with your resume to send off to companies for which you wish to work. Take the time to develop a handshake via your resume cover letter that will place your resume on the top of the pile rather than in the garbage can.

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