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Home Schooling Can Be Fun Too!

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Spelling Bees are great to have once a week or every other week. It is fun for the kids and challenging. They really try their hardest to spell the word correctly. My daughter who was never the greatest speller, has now changed significantly. She actually reads the dictionary so that she can do well on the spelling bee.

I also love Professor Noggin educational games. They have them for each subject. We play one everyday. They learn everything from science and nature to social studies and geography. I also found that Scrabble or any word game is fun and educational at the same time.

We recently did a project which was for science. My children took pictures and it had to be about nature or the environment. My daughter took pictures of animals, insects, trees, flowers, and rocks. Then she characterized them. My son took pictures of different types of pollution and energy. Then he characterized them. It turned out great and it was fun doing.

One thing I found out is that children do not know their state capitals. We do them once a week. We also do the presidents. This is hard, but I don’t test them on it. We just do it for fun

There is so much you can do at home school. Be creative. It can be fun and educational.


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