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Divorce Avoidance: Part 6, The Shocking Truth

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You will be amazed at the shocking truth on how easy it is to avoid divorce. And about the role of fresh bread.

More than 50 years ago, when I was a lad living in a small country town, I awoke six days a week to the delight of the day.

In the pre-dawn haze the aroma of fresh baked bread -from a wood fired oven – would waft into my bedroom and entice me to get out of bed in search of its source.

Not much was delivered fresh to our town. The papers only came twice a week. Apples and oranges once a week. And ice-cream came fortnightly.

But every day Mr Withers baked fresh bread that drew many from their beds in search of a half a high-top loaf for their breakfast. It was carried home carefully and eaten with lashings of butter and marmalade or strawberry jam. In drought times everybody had melon jam. It was the cheapest.

In the years of my youth Mr. Withers never had a day off and always baked Monday to Saturday. He served up the steaming high top loaves broken in half with a smile that confirmed his labor of love.

He had his daily labor to bake. My labor was to partake of the bread and enjoy it.

What has Mr. Withers routine got to do with divorce avoidance?

I’m so glad you asked.

You see when I got remarried to my wife, after we had been divorced for two years, I asked the Lord for some guidance on how to keep our relationship as on fire as it was when we first met. My deep heart desire was to never get divorced again.

He called to my remembrance my early morning fresh bread experience. My appointment with Mr Withers. His devotion. His reliability. His smile.

And I really hope you get this because it will change your married life for ever.

I was prompted to regard my marriage like a daily fresh baked loaf of bread.

It must have an enticing “aroma”. It must be treated as a relationship that starts afresh every day. My wife must feel attracted to me just like when we first met.

Your divorce avoidance mission, should you decide to accept it, is to daily behave in a way that makes you interesting to your life partner.

You can have “fresh bread” daily in your marriage by praying together and asking the Lord for his help as your Senior Partner.

You can also have “fresh bread” daily by being a lifelong learner and keen to share your discoveries with your loved one.

Finally, you can have “fresh bread” daily in your physical relationship by treating your body as a vessel created to provide pleasure for your life partner.

You now know The Shocking Truth about divorce avoidance.

When you have fire in your desire you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

Copyright 2006 Kenneth Little

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