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Divorce Avoidance: Part 8, Amazing Royal Routine

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Victorious marriage management requires you to respect your life partner’s amazing royal routine. It’s made up of the opening routine for the day, the middle routine, and the end routine. One of these will contain the Amazing Royal Routine of your home. Discover it and nurture it and you will have a long happy marriage.

My wife jokes about having 17 steps to the preparation of breakfast.

Whenever I suggest we break the opening routine and have me prepare breakfast, I soon realize this is no joking matter.

The love of my life gets a great deal of contentment from having the same routine each morning. This is an area of important responsibility as well as being a labor of love.

The middle routine and the end routine have no real significance for her.

All I have to do to have a peaceful morning is allow my wife to perform her Amazing Royal Routine. I have learned it’s not just getting breakfast. Its a royal command performance in which she displays her God-given gift.

You would do well to discover your life partner’s Amazing Royal Routine and allow her to daily do that which pleases her in contributing to the organization of your daily routine.

You will find new levels of agreement, love and prosperity in your marriage.

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