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Divorce Avoidance: Part 9, Enjoy the Ultimate Technique

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Divorce avoidance can be yours when you use the Ultimate Technique. This is the ultimate technique because you can easily learn it. And you can start applying it today.

Your disputes may be festering into a serious relationship breakdown and heading you in the direction of a divorce.

These disputes can be eliminated the moment you accept you have been given the power to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12.2).

Step 1 in Enjoying the Ultimate Technique is to acknowledge that you live in a relationship that is daily attacked by an anti-marriage spirit. You are in a war zone.

Step 2 is to accept that your war is made of battles of the mind.

Step 3 calls on you to believe that if you can beat this battle of the mind you can win the war against divorce.

You have been deeply hurt in this most recent battle. Take hold of your situation right now by renewing your mind in this way.

Take the hurt the and tell yourself you refuse to allow yourself to be impacted by it one minute longer.

Remember the power in the hurt is not the hurt itself but what you think of it. You can turn down the hurt by changing your “inner dial” just as easily as you change the volume on your TV.

You can’t stop your life partner hurting your feelings but you are totally in control of whether they hurt you for 1 second, 1 hour or 1 year.

As part of your renewal tell yourself they didn’t really mean what they said.

Once you practice using the Ultimate Technique you will be able to apply it quickly in all crisis situations.

Your Ultimate Technique empowers you to have hope (for a happy marriage) in your head, faith in your heart to develop the surrendered nature of a committed life partner, and the actions that show that you in your marriage for the long haul.

You can Enjoy the Ultimate Technique for Divorce Avoidance.

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