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Divorce Avoidance: Part 11, Amazing Write Way Formula

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You can write your way to a marvellous marriage and keep it that way. Your divorce avoidance program becomes automatic. It all starts with studying your relationship and creating the R.I.D.E. of a lifetime.

My wife is a practical person and I’m more into thinking about things than actually doing them. After 25 years of marriage we understood how those apparent opposite qualities actually can be made to work together.

In case you thought I forgot about the R.I.D.E. I havn’t.

It stands for Reflections, Inspections, Detections and Ejections. These are actions we work through regularly to help us research our relationship and upgrade it.

Each of these steps is done when all is quiet at home and we can enjoy a cup of coffee together. Each of our R.I.D.E steps involved unstructured conversation. The points raised are recorded.

The Reflections are each of us sharing feelings about events in the past month that have impacted on our relationship. As always the strongest feelings are the ones to come out first. Patricia writes these down as they come out.

The Inspections take place ones we have the notes above and we can have a close look at emerging major challenges in our marriage which cry out to be overcome. They are marked for further attention in the notes.

The Detections are those activities in our marriage which we both want to bring in to our regular routine. The include such things as going for a regular Sunday picnic – on our own.

The Ejections are those behaviors we both regret and wish to eliminate from our relationship. They can be unkind thoughts or words or actions. We repent of them and promise to avoid them in the future.

You can apply Amazing Write Way Formula by having a monthly R.I.D.E session. You’ll be amazed at the fresh strength it’ll bring to your relationship.

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