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Creative Magic and Serendipity

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One of the most interesting aspects of Creative Visualization is the seemingly magical or mystical nature of events. Some think of it as serendipity or coincidence and others just dismiss it all as superstition or simply shrug it off as just one of those quirky things.

I have so many coincidences happening around me and to me that I can’t help but pay attention. To me, a coincidence is a sign post which says ‘Pay Attention’. Even if it turns out that these coincidences are nothing more than similar random events, it wouldn’t matter, as I have been guided into the most fortunate places by paying attention to them.

People who know me well or spend a good amount of time with me, often joke that I must be a witch or they step back and look quizzically at me and make statements like “What did you just do?” or “That’s strange!”
I could list thousands of them without even giving it much thought, and I’m finding that the more I follow through, the more things become revealed, and the more frequent these coincidences occur. Of course, many are within the realm of probability and some can be explained as just good luck, but when luck and probability become a daily reality and that luck is phenomenal, it really does demand acknowledgement or question.

Lately, I have become very tuned into informational serendipity. I’m now referring to it as my cosmic telephone; it’s like having the internet inside my head, but all the information has been pre-screened for authenticity. Sometimes, I just make a statement to myself about information I need and it seems to me that the question circles the globe and then comes back with the answer. Often, someone just starts talking and without any prompting from me at all, they just magically tell me what I needed to know or give me a direction to where to find the information. Many times, it comes up on the television or a magazine.

I have never thought of myself as a teacher or a writer and even now, I sometimes look at what I’m doing and wonder how I ended up here. As with many things in life, it is easy to talk the talk, but when it comes time to do the walk, we quickly run out of puff.

Two of my main character faults are that:

I don’t always practice what I preach and I usually think that near enough is good enough.

Actually, I just thought of another fault I have and it’s a big one. I ask for guidance, wisdom, intuition and assistance in attuning myself to my highest purpose and possibilities, and then argue with and resist those instructions when they are revealed, – if it sounds hard.

Well, I guess, ‘The Source’ has got my number now and knows how to manipulate me. It starts out as an idea that won’t get out of my head. Then, I begin to feel restless and discontent. If I still resist, it becomes an obsession and if I continue to struggle, then my distractions are taken away. By this, I mean that whatever way I wanted to go simply gets closed down on me, until I do what I was meant to do.

Anyway, back to the CD’s. I knew I had to do it, I was sure I was being guided to do it and I knew I had to do it well. I expected it to be easy as I had made many home-made meditation tapes years earlier when I had run courses. They only took a few hours to write and record so I thought having them done professionally would be a snap.

I won’t go into all the frustration and hassles of it, but it took up every weekend for more than a year and you would have laughed it you had seen me towards the end. The irony of a relaxation product causing me so much stress and aggravation was not lost on the people around me – not that many were still game enough to be around me. I just couldn’t understand why it had to be so hard if it was meant to be. I expected that if I was being ‘divinely led’ to do this then I would be blessed with ease, glory and financial reward.

Sitting here today, I can see perfectly, why it was the way it was. I won’t go into the many, many reasons, but the main one is that it wasn’t about the CD at all. I find this happens so often now that I can’t believe I had never noticed it before. I can see that so many times in my life, when I thought I was doing something or at least that I was in control of something, I have looked back and seen that it was all about something completely different. This is particularly noticeable in reflecting on bad times. I seem to be constantly confronted with the reality of “Bad things happen for good reasons”.

How easy my life could be if I would just trust that this is the case at the beginning rather than struggling and stressing through-out, only to have it revealed in hindsight.

As part of the CD marketing strategy, I decided to write a few articles on explaining things like meditation, visualizations and affirmations. Having a background in weight loss I also included an article on that and decided to re edit a previous CD I had made some years before. A bit later, I thought I’d write about my experience with arthritis and then people started writing asking me who I was and wanted more information about the things I had written about.

That was all I had intended to do – whack up a website, sell some CDs, make the people happy and make a few dollars. If only…

It became very obvious that I was not about to make my fortune from selling CDs on the internet. In fact, I probably don’t sell enough to even cover the cost of my time and administration. But, and this is a very big but.
Beautiful, warm and inspirational people started writing the most amazing stories, sharing private secrets and asking my opinion on things. They really got me thinking about a lot of things I had wondered about myself. They asked questions that I found I could answer or at least give some thought to. And then the coincidences came. The letters seemed to come in blocks of similarities. The first was on abandonment; my niece originally contacted me, even though I had not had contact with her since she was a baby, in fact I think I only ever saw her once or twice. She really made me stop and think about the pain of not having a father and not knowing who he was or even what kind of a man he was. The same week a few men I hadn’t seen in years mentioned they were reconnecting with children that they had not had an opportunity to know. And then the emails started, all these people started writing about abandonment issues.

My head just wouldn’t let it go, I kept having conversations playing through my mind until I decided the only thing to do was to write it down. I had done this as a matter of habit; if something nags at me, I write it down as a way of getting it out of my brain and also I find that I write logically whereas I think in a scattered way.

I’m only a two-finger typist and when I write I just string ideas together and try and keep it relevant and interesting. I stop, I think, I write some more and then stop and think some more.

The abandonment article was something to be seen; I had very little idea of what was being written and my fingers moved so fast that I thought I was possessed. I wrote without thinking for about five hours – without a break. When I had it finished, I was exhausted and I read it for the first time; as I had no idea I knew what I knew.

The article upset me as I could really feel what it was like to be abandoned like that. It was not my story, so it surprised me that I felt so emotional for the people I was writing about.

Since then, the same energy has worked through the incest article, the bipolar article and to some degree most of the others. These days I trust the process and I have given up the idea that I write. I accept that articles exist and when they are ready they will come and use me.
I guess that make me ‘A Tool’ J

I remember hearing a Sculptor say that he didn’t make statues, they exist inside a lump of clay and his job is just to free up the excess to reveal what’s already there. Musicians often comment that the music seems to pour down through the top of their head and flow through their instruments. I wonder how many people are not giving themselves an opportunity to express themselves, simply because they haven’t tried something. That is, not paid attention to their sign-posts. Coincidences, discontentment, inner yearnings, bad luck and accidents; who knows where these sign-posts may direct you? Isn’t it worth paying a little attention or trusting a little more?

I readily admit that I am not the greatest writer; technically I’m not even an average writer, and certainly many will not relate at all to what I have to say; but that is not the point. I need to write for me, it’s my medium of self-expression and it’s only relevant to those people who are guided to read it and get something out of it.

Strong instincts or intuition are forms of communication with wisdom. Coincidences or serendipity are almost always signs to pay attention. Ask, trust and explore, the possibilities may be far greater than you ever imagined.

Copyright Sonya Green March 06
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