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Preparing The Body and Mind For Time Management

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Understanding how to manage your time is essential in all business relations, school, home, and everyday life. But understanding where to get started in managing your time and getting a handle on the chaos that is your life can be hard to do when you can’t even find two socks that match in the mornings. There are many strategies and techniques you can use to master time, but the best you thing you can do before experimenting with different tactics is to build a solid mental and physical foundation.

Within your mental, physical and emotional energies, lie the raw material for personal performance and productivity. Guarding and nurturing your energy levels at all times can be one of the most important requirements to find happiness and being productive. Just like a machine your body uses fuel in the form of food, water and rest to create energy for everyday tasks of life and work. Fully rested, your body can get up to five times as much done as when you’re tired.

After eight or nine hours of straight work, people’s productivity levels begin to decline. Although sometimes necessary, working long hours usually means you are producing less and less as more time goes by. The more fatigued you are, the better chance that the quality of work becomes worse as more mistakes creep in. Just like a battery your body will reach the wall and will simply not be able to continue. Everyone has specific times of the day where they are at their best, peak form. It is up to you to find these times and used discipline to coordinate your most important tasks with in these times.

The averages American, according to research are not getting enough sleep relative to the amount of work they are doing. c. One of the smartest things you can do is to take one full day off every single week. During this personal holiday, whether it is Saturday or Sunday, you should not read, write, do any work related tasks or any other activity that will tax your brain. Instead, use this time for relaxation type of exercise such as walking in the park or spending time watching TV with the family. Any activity that recharges your brain should be added to your regimen.

Also important are the foods you decide to eat. Start your day with a high-protein, low fat and low carb breakfast. Eat plenty of salads, fish and chicken for lunch and dinner. By eating lean and healthy, exercising regularly and resting a lot, you will guarantee that you will get more done with a high degree of quality


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  • Posted On November 15, 2006
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