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Podcasting for Big Money

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Podcasting has been around for a little while now and some people have the right idea. They have either built sites that host podcasts and allow them to be downloaded either for a monthly subscription price or as a per download fee.

As a broadcaster of a podcast the possibilities are endless on how to make money with this technology. Think of how many podcasters have been picked up by the major T.V. networks. They are now seen around the world on CNN and FOX. This explosion of news related podcasts occured tragically because of the December tsunami and the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico that slammed into Mississippi and Louisiana.

With all the stories available during this time and the news people being shut out of the area for a while podcasters were the only source of information during this time. The Net is content based and most sites are screaming for new content. Podcasting is a simple way to get the information that you would like to disperse to the public and the profit potential for you is huge if you set up a daily or weekly broadcast.

So you have two choices;

1. You can build and run a site selling the podcasts of others as a network of one.

2. You can become an information guru of the type of content that you would like to broadcast and sell.

You are not limited to being a news reporter if you let your imagination soar. With the recent handheld popularity and desire to hear what they want and when they want it there is a market for the different formats these handhelds all use.

Matt Fox is a successful investor in the stock market, real estate market and in private deals with individuals and businesses.


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  • Posted On November 16, 2006
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