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Divorce Avoidance – Part 12 – Breakthrough Method of Dispute Management

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Disputes fester into blazing arguments that can create differences that result in the need for an elventh hour divorce avoidance plan.

You can prevent this development by identifying disputes as soon as they emerge. Then apply the Breakthrough Method of Dispute Management.

When next you’re in dispute with your life partner, first take responsibility for that which you’re accused of doing wrong. Even if you think you’ve done nothing wrong.

Second dwell on the verse -”The Lord shall fight for you, you shall hold your peace” (Exodus 14.14). By not adding fuel to the dispute you will allow the Lord to fight on your behalf.

You see for the dispute to blaze it takes two parties and what you’ve done is provide a powerful fire extinguisher.

You have taken responsibility for something you didn’t do and apologised for causing your life partner to be offended.

When you do this you will see the Lord give you the victory in this matter.

You will show your life partner what matters most to you.

It’s not being right in an argument but being right in your long term relationship with them.

You will need courage and boldness but you can use the Breakthrough Method of Dispute Management any time you choose.

Your life partner will have a fresh love for you and disputes in the future will be easily resolved.

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