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Divorce Avoidance – Part 13 – Insider Secrets of R.A.O.K.

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Your about to learn of insider secrets from a 25 veteran of divorce avoidance. They are simple techniques to give you increased fresh favor in the eyes of your wife. I refer to them as Insider Secrets of R.A.O.K.

Insider Secrets of R.A.O.K. stands for Insider Secrets of Random Acts of Kindness.

My wife highly values both sameness and pleasant surprises.

When it comes to the time I depart for work and the time I return home she wants a well established routine. This produces a flow in our relationship she treasures.

At the same time when it comes to my quality sharing time with her sameness is the last thing she wants.

She wants me to treat her regularly as someone that I have rediscovered as the gorgeous girl in my life.

Knowing this I practice my R.A.O.K.’s at well chosen times.

When she has come out from the hairdressers is one such time.

I put aside everything I’m doing and take time to check out her new hairstyle in detail. I really focus on her and her new image.

Make her feel special at times like this and you will remain friends for life as you reap the harvest of Insider Secrets of

Random Acts of Kindness.

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