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Divorce, Marriage and the Sanctity of It All

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There seems to be a debate brewing and the sound and fury is indeed loud and clear. The Gay and Lesbian Community want their rights to get married. Some say this could lead to divorce amongst straight people, although that is probably not going to happen. But there is a number of people very worried about the sanctity of marriage in America and another problem of the gay fringe activists which are a little more out of control than many realize.

Let me state my premise; The gay fringe using unlawful abuse of power, extortion techniques, slander and unlawful acts are indeed slowing down the G & L Communities efforts for marriage. I further state that they will not listen to anyone and need mentoring from people they respect; I believe that to be the G & L Community itself. I stand by all those statements and nothing you have said even remotely challenges those observations and real experiences.

In discussing this with a gay activist they and their friends immediately started name calling, yet their comments that; I am afraid, homosphobic, a bigot, need psychiatric help, paranoid and all the others are not really too concerning to me, as they simply are not so. It appears the gay and lesbian community will not own up to the fact that their own radical fringe is indeed slowing their movement.

Many people are glad, because they do not want gays to get married. I was further told by the gay activists after the called me every name in the book that I was in fear and they stated; “One thing about dealing with fear is understanding this, and realizing that things will be okay despite that.”

Yes that’s me alright, so fearful, so afraid, so worried that my shadow might say “Boo!” I fell so helpless and weak now that you have uncovered that I am merely a little boy so fearful? Sure that’s it! The problem here is there is name calling all the way around from both sides, yet the gay fringe is not interested in communication, only threats, slander and extortion tactics. They are full on locked and loaded for war over gay marriage. Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On November 18, 2006
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