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Wildly Effective I Teams: The 11 I-Factors

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Whoever said “There are no I’s in team” got it all wrong. Teams are made up of passionate I’s who are appreciative and inspired by other passionate I’s. Great teams, wildly effective teams, are made up of 11 I factors:

1. Individuals who know themselves and the role they best fit for the team. They make sure they are participating in their area of strength and fulfillment.

2. Intelligent individuals who are smart enough to know what they know and know what they do not know.

3. Intuitive individuals that listen to and act on their inner voice and gut instincts as well as logic, data and common sense.

4. “In the present” individuals who pay attention to the now and take in every morsel.

5. Interested individuals who care about what they are doing and are always open to learning and discovering new things.

6. Immediate individuals who bring a sense of urgency to the task at hand and aren’t afraid to take action.

7. Intense Individuals who are very focused and driven at work, play and rest.

8. Independent individuals who can do things on their own in between team sharing and consensus sessions.

9. Irresistible individuals who attract great things.

10. Idealistic individuals who have faith, hope and a “can do” attitude.

Combine all these I’s with (11.) Inspiring leadership and you have a team that will yield great results. Go get your I-Team in place now. Need help? Be an I-player. Hire a personal business coach. Why? because “I” said so.


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  • Posted On November 18, 2006
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