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Internet Forum Controversy and Father-Son Conversational Placement

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Watching the behavior of those who participate in forums is quite fascinating indeed; in fact some of the human behavior is quite obvious and predictable indeed. One tactic which you will see from veteran politically savvy forum participants is to change the tone and act like they are giving genuine advice or wisdom, to take the upper hand and set the other person into a listen mode like a Father-son conversation. Here is what it looks like so you will know it when you see it;

Jen states; “I was genuinely trying to offer you a small bit of wisdom I’ve picked up over time. It applies to people of any age.”

Of course this does not always work and sometimes someone who has studied a little human psychology will catch it as this person has who stated;

“Incorrect you were trying to move the conversation to Father-son mode from a straight line conversation of equals. You know if you read back all the posts it is truly amazing all the things you have called others or inferred on this Blog. I cannot accept your “genuine-ness” however your wisdom is an interesting point; I see where you are coming from. But fear is not what invoked my flight or “fight” response in this case. In this case I am defending my observation and perception of that observation and the concept of how to best fix the problem (mentoring) in my estimation from all my experience and wisdom.”

Now the other participant has indeed flipped the comment and turned it around so they can take the upper hand and give out advice. Interesting all the flip-flop primate politics on the Internet Forums these days isn’t it? Have you participated lately? Consider this in 2006.

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