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Divorce, Marriage and Gay Rights

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Some in the Christian Right political strong hold say that we must prevent gay marriage in our nation. Some say that the Gay community is going around disrespecting others and demanding respect, as they call people names such as liars, homophics, stupid, fearful, ignorant. Where as, both sides have their views, we must all understand that allowing a division in our nation over infighting over the gay marriage issue does no one any good.

Some very out spoken Christian Right members say no one should support gay marriage when a group acts with such behavior, it is rewarding the wrong things in doing so. They say that we must all stand tall against gay marriage and make our votes heard and discharge any politician, which promotes the thought.

Others against gay marriage contend that the gay and lesbian community will not control their fringe and denies that their tactics are wrong. If you support such vindictive behavior by allowing gay marriage you do a disservice to our society and civilization. Gay marriage issue needs to take a back seat for 10-years until that group can control there attacking and vendetta charged ways.

Some on the far-right Christian Right say that they cannot be trusted with the support of the whole and they owe an apology to all straight couples for their abominable behavior. It seems like a whole lot of furious sound out there and who knows what comes next, but we can be insured on more controversy over this subject in the future can’t we? Consider all this in 2006.

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  • Posted On November 18, 2006
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