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Divorce Courts and Destroying the Sanctity of the Institution of Marriage

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Many straight couples are up in arms over gay marriages and the gay and lesbian associations and their communities are saying; what’s the big deal. The Christian Right is busy quoting scriptures and the Christian Fringe is calling them all “Heathen Scoundrels who will burn in hell for all of eternity.” But will gays being allowed to marry cause a destruction of the sanctity of the Institution of Marriage?

Many pro-gay marriage right folks are saying; What; Destroying the Sanctity of the Institution, forget about the 65% of all marriages end in failure. Meaning it is already thoroughly destroyed and of course this was way before any homosexuals ever got married? Will homosexuals have a lower divorce rate? Many believe so.

Speaking of which you know once gay marriage is legalized you will really be supporting the lawyers since there will now be a whole new area of family law? I can see a fringe family gay marriage lawyer in the courtroom wearing a rainbow tie and waving his hands frantically at the jury describing why their client should get more alimony? Sounds like the funny farm will be our already ridiculous courts?

Just think gay marriage will be starting a whole new industry and the ABA American Bar Association for lawyers will just love them all to pieces. Think how much money they are going to make. Well that is of gay divorces are even half of straight people divorces by percentage. Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On November 18, 2006
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