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Effective Goal Setting

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Let’s discuss goal setting. Firstly when it comes to goal setting keep it simple. Goals are necessary in order to get things done, fact. In the event I need to travel somewhere I need to do certain things to make it happen. Goals and time have much the same quality. They both are there to assist us to be physically organized. I will meet you at this time, once there we will do this.

Goals and time work hand in hand. When you set goals using time your chances of achieving them are far better. After all if you set a goal and do not put a date or a time on it, how will you know if you are on track? The challenge with putting a time on your goals is that it forces you to commit to achieving the goal. Let me put it the other way. When you do not have a date it is easy to procrastinate, it is easy to say I am still working on it. I will do it at some future date. The fact of achieving a goal begins with what you are doing now.

Even when doing your daily chores, it is wise to put a time on them. In the event you hit the time mark, you then move on to the next. What you do everyday is what counts. Even if you do the things you dislike the most for 20 minutes a day you actually will get them done. Trust me I do it.

This will also give you the opportunity to realize achievement. Your deeper recesses of consciousness will now see that you are getting things done and your confidence level will increase and you will start to believe what you say thus achieving greater goals.

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