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Finding the Real Authors in a World Flooded with eBooks

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Here are two quick and easy ways to get informed before you commit to click.

1. Test the Author

Author means authority. A true author can live up to the claims of their sales page. Have a look at their web-site and see if they’ve written any articles. Or, better still, if they have an ezine sign up and sit back for a few days.
Look at what they’re writing and see if it passes the three-point test.

  • well written

    if the author’s articles are misspelled and riddled with repetition, you can be sure their ebook will be the same. Look out for authors who have proofed and put care and attention into their written articles.

  • original & informative

    are they telling you something new in their articles and ezine? or are they recycling info you could have found anywhere?

    A good author will share with you from their experience. They are like bees who visit thousands of flowers to make a pound of honey. Don’t buy from someone who’s articles give the hint that they’re just buzzing round the same old flowering weed!

  • generous

    This is probably the most important point. Real authorities on a subject are happy to share good information with you before you buy there book. They don’t write weak articles that hint at the hidden glories of their paid for product. They give you good info up front and plenty of it. If they are generous with the information in their articles, you would hope that their book will follow through and be an original and informative read.

    But is you’re still not sure, you can always…

    2. Visit a Review Web Site

    Review sites are places which ideally have read a copy of everything listed and taken the worry our of your purchase.

    They are there to save you paying for a click and paste publication you could have put together yourself.

    If you want to find out more before you buy, find a good review site and see what they’re saying about ebooks on the topics that interest you.

    Gary Paul is an independent reviewer of ebooks. His interest is in helping readers find good quality products among the 1,000′s available on the internet.

    His website contains free articles and ebooks on earning money from writing, blogging and building website traffic.

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