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New Years Resolutions

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Yep. You read that right. And I’m late and I’m not sorry and you’ll know why by the end of this column!

Typically, in late December and early January people in our culture take stock of our lives, make momentous decisions and decide to ‘get it together.’ There’s something about the turn of the calendar that gives us hope about making our lives and our attitudes shiny and new. However, this year, instead of the usual goals and New Year’s resolutions (like ‘I want to lose 100 pounds in five weeks’ or ‘make a million dollars by next Saturday’) I think I have found a new and better approach. It seems a bit radical but might make the coming year more meaningful.

This year, I started from the position that I first need to separate what’s important in my life from the non-essentials. While in some respects it felt selfish, it also forced me to take responsibility for my values and priorities. And, I decided that I could review, revisit, update or start over on any day I so choose!

Here’s my starter kit:

• Keep learning. Perhaps a new adventure like crafts, a new language, or playing an instrument.

• Laugh a lot more, ‘live on the wild side’ and do it out loud. Celebrate.

• Surround myself with the things I love even if my family continues to roll their eyes when they spy the mushy Father’s Day card framed and hanging on the wall. They keep me grateful and humble.

• Accept the times that require tears and grieving. Participate fully and then move on. Give thanks.

So, I didn’t get my New Year’s Resolution column submitted in December. Celebration trumps procrastination. What’s your inventory of resolutions?

Lawrence Bienemann is the RSVP Program Coordinator in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. You can reach him by e-mail at [email protected]


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