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Profiting While Providing Support For Your Ebook Product

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I recently read an article on this blog – “Internet Marketing Ideas & Resources”. The article was asking the question “Should a person who purchases an ebook expect the author to provide support and answer questions beyond fixing problems with the ebook?” It pointed out that when people buy books in the bookstore, they don’t later write the author asking for advice. You can read this article on this blog at

The comments were divided on the issue. Some readers expected the author to consult with the reader; others disagreed. I would like to share with you my idea for dealing with customer support questions.

I believe you can provide support in a manner that will be profitable to you, so you will not feel like you are wasting valuable time. I suggest that you build a blog around the keywords and subject matter related to your ebook product. When you get a question from one of your ebook readers, direct them to your blog for the answer. Compose a blog article in which you address and answer the question. Submit your article to the search engines. Others will read the article and learn from your answer. In answering the question, you can presell your ebook, and add a link for interested customers to visit your sales page for your ebook. Your blog and support work becomes an effective sales tool for your ebook. You can also promote your other affiliate products or pay-per-click ads on your blog to earn extra income from the visitors who come to read your posts. You can add an opt–in feature on your blog to build your list while you are providing support for your ebook. You can even later use the questions and answers on the blog to create a second ebook. Increased sales, a larger mailing list, income from other products, and material for a second product all produced while you provide support to your ebook customers. Do you still think it is a waste of time to answer their questions?

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