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Creativity Calling on the Radio!

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Though we may not all fully comprehend the science behind how sound gets from a CD played by a DJ at a radio station to our radios and finally into our ears, we’ve all experienced the concept of radio broadcasts enough to take them for granted as a part of our daily lives.

There are stations to cover every possible taste in music, conversation, news, culture and a thousand other topics, every conceivable channel any of us could ever need. The choice is overwhelming.

But what if there was another channel? A secret personal channel available only to you? A channel that only you knew the frequency of and only you had the right receiving equipment to pick up the broadcasts?

And what if these broadcasts were exactly what you needed to hear? The most exciting and stimulating messages you could possibly want. All the energy and inspiration you need to be as creative as you wish, right there waiting to be tuned into, desperate to communicate their incredible messages and knowledge?

Sounds unlikely? A vision from the future?

Well such a station DOES already exist for each of us. It’s just that for the majority of the time we don’t hear it, or worse we don’t even know it’s there. Here are some of the reasons why -

1. We can’t find the right frequency. We’ve forgotten how to tune into the right frequency to hear what we need to hear. In our anxiety we’ve forgotten that sometimes we find the right channel not by scanning the wavelengths in wild sweeping motions but by very gently fine tuning and listening carefully until we find the sounds we need.

2. We doubt we know what channel we actually do want. Instead of being still and trusting that we know what’s right for us, we think that we have to listen to whatever drifts our way because there’s no other option. We think that listening to something is better than nothing.

3. The volume seems stuck on “barely audible”. We believe we’re tuned into the right channel and when we stop to listen really hard, we can JUST about hear fragments of the right messages we need. But if only we could turn up the volume a bit more and hear the whole meaning.

4. We don’t believe there is a channel right for us. We are afraid of being our unique selves and try to seek comfort by tuning into the same channels as our friends so we fit in. Although we like many of the things we hear, it’s rare that we truly connect with any of them on a deep personal level.

5. Our radio’s broken altogether. We can’t pick up anything on our radio that seems to make sense, it’s just static and white noise. There seem to be so many channels screaming for our attention that our radio has simply gone into meltdown.

So what’s the solution to all of these issues? What can we do to be more “tuned in” to the creativity calling us on our own personal radio channel?

Firstly remember the words of the great America Philosopher Henry David Thoreau -

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”

We are all unique individuals. The sounds played to the mainstream are not necessarily the sounds that resonate most with us. Think of your record or book collection. There’s probably some bestsellers and chart hits there.

But no doubt there are also records by that obscure French jazz singer you discovered while on holiday one year. Maybe a collected CD of African djembe drumming? And that book on the history of the mannequin you bought as a treat. And what about that book you bought in a charity store because you liked the title, that in turn became one of your most treasured novels?

Secondly, take some time out from your daily activities. Learn to fit retreats into your routine, even if they’re just for 10 minutes or so. Just find some place still where you can do nothing but listen to your breathing.

Plan longer retreats, anything from taking a few hours to walk in the countryside to a week of painting watercolours in Tuscany. Time away from the frenetic buzz of everyday, even in small doses, can work wonders for restoring our creativity and re-attuning ourselves to our creativity broadcasts.

Also, commit to working on any negative or limiting beliefs you have around this area. Write some affirmations for yourself such as “I have all the creative inspiration I need when I truly stop to listen…” and repeat them daily until they became engrained in your thoughts.

Finally, be patient. No-one can write a perfect novel in a single draft or write and record a fantastic album in an evening.

Significant creative works take time to develop and evolve. Trust that if you remain alert and open to receiving the inspiration and guidance you need, then it will come to you when you’re ready.

© Copyright 2006 Dan Goodwin.

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