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Antenna -Tell Me If The Picture Is Clear

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Was it really so long ago; now it seems like another life altogether. Pieces of our lives seem to disappear at a rapid pace; and what’s even more scary is that you look around and you can’t even see a trace of the past. Even people whose economic means won’t allow them to participate in using the new gadgets; are forced to stay current, because manufacturers no longer produce the parts they need to use their old equipment.

Do you remember that time in your life. You were young, sitting in front of the TV; hopefully you were watching your favorite show, but if there were others in the room, then you had to watch what the majority wanted to see. You’re sitting there with your eyes glued to the screen; then suddenly, snow. Yes, it starts snowing on your screen. I guess the more common name for it is static; either way, you and nobody else can see the picture on the TV screen. You were asked, or maybe told, to go outside. So why are you going outside, because that’s where the pole is. And why do you need to go to the pole, because the pole has the antenna on top of it. Yes, the antenna, maybe the second most important factor between a good picture on screen and static. The most important factor, well, that would be electricity.

I can’t complain too much, our antenna was on a pole. I spent many a day in all kinds of weather, twisting and turning that pole; trying to bring the picture back to the TV screen. But some people had it worse. A lot of people had antennas on top of their homes; so every time they lost reception, they literally had to climb a ladder, to get to their antenna. So what was this marvelous piece of equipment that kept TV alive. An antenna is basically described as a group of conductors that transmit an electromagnetic field in response to EMF signals. Even though we can’t see these signals, it’s obvious they were happening, that’s why the TV reception reacted to me turning the pole. And it also makes sense that a lot of lost reception came during bad weather. Apparently the bad weather was blocking the signals from reaching the antenna, so that resulted in static on the TV screen.

Even though we don’t see a lot of those antennas, many of us grew up with, they are still around. They’ve lost their homey, nostalgic appeal and now, like everything else, they have gone high tech. You don’t have to go far to find the new breed of antenna. As you notice homes in your area, you will no longer see the old fashion antennas, but you will see these devices attached on the side and even on top of the homes. These are called satellite dishes; and these are the new antennas of today. The satellite antenna is more powerful than any of the past. They’re able to pull in signals far beyond our imagination; and provide the user with better reception and more channels then one would’ve ever thought possible for a television.

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