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Chinese By-Passing Government and Going Straight to Entrepreneurs and Corporations

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Well it appears by the Chinese Hu Visit that the Chinese understand who runs the world and it is not the government of the United States of America or the massive incessant and bigoted blob of bureaucracy it employs. So Chinese Hu comes to America and who does he visit? Bill Gates and Microsoft and The Boeing Company, ever wonder why?

Our United States government is so arrogant to think they run anything; they are merely puppets of the game. So insignificant in every regard; in fact those who work in the Blob of Bureaucracy actually believe that their paper work pushing helps civilization, when in fact it stifles it like a plague or cancer of mankind; a paper work mountain of BS.

Hu is no dummy, he understands the game and he is going to where it makes the most sense. He is visiting Microsoft, Boeing and other corporations before visiting the President of the United States or even speaking with the government here, all that is secondary and just children’s play. In other words it is only Public Relations and niceties and touchy feely friendly BS.

If our government was serious and really knew how to run a nation then they would do what they do best and concentrate on the flows of our civilization and the protection of the American People. Unfortunately they are so busy pushing mountains of regulations in the way of our businesses that our Corporations are leaving for a more favorable land to do business; China.

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  • Posted On November 28, 2006
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