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Do You Need a Lift Chair?

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As we age, it tends to get harder for us to move around and perform basic tasks because of pain. Something as simple as getting up from a chair may seem like a normal task to a healthy person, but for someone with bad arthritis or limited mobility, getting up from a chair could almost be like climbing Mount Everest.

With a lift chair, the pain associated with getting in and out of a chair is greatly reduced, or even eliminated. This is because the chair does what your muscles and joints would normally do. When getting out of a regular recliner, you use your hips and your abdominal muscles to bring your torso forward. Then you use your leg muscles and your knees to lift yourself out of your chair. Your feet and ankles provide balance as you begin to stand up from the chair.

What a lift chair does is put you in an almost vertical position, so that you don’t have to put as much stress on your knees and joints in order to get out of the chair. With the simple press of a button, your lift chair will slowly push your body forwards and upwards so that you can literally walk right out of your chair.

Lift chair’s work just like a regular reclining chair. However, with the reclining chair, you have to manually put the footrest up, or you have to manually recline it. With the lift chair, you press a button to bring the footrest up, you press a button to recline the chair, and you also press a button to lift the chair so that you can easily get out of it.

For people who suffer from chronic pain, a lift chair can greatly improve their quailty of life.

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