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Federal Trade Commission and Its Service to Consumers

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The Federal Trade Commission is one of the greatest agencies in the United States Government and they are in charge of protecting the consumer from fraud. The United States Justice Departments Federal Trade Commissions Consumer Protection Division is a fine example of how the government protects you the consumer. Or so they say?

Actually considering the Federal Trade Commission’s dismal enforcement of the CAN SPAM Act one would think that they do not know what they are doing. But really they do; they are very good at Public Relations and Press Releases telling us all the wonderful things they are doing while they sit around and jack off all day and SPAM increases by some 3000% from the time they started to enforce it. Worse off this is not an isolated incident.

Now then lets consider Identity Theft and the many consumers who have been harmed; Did the FTC The Mighty Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Division stop Phishing thru SPAM? Absolutely not in fact it is also up and snagging more and more consumers each day.

Now then my question to you is do you really think that the Federal Trade Commission is protecting consumers? Do you really believe that the FTC can follow up on the High Gasoline Prices? Do you really even trust the FTC and their puffery, misrepresentation, embellishment and out right fraudulent claims that they protect the consumer? Not me.

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  • Posted On November 29, 2006
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