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Reusing and Recycling Carwash Waste Wash Water for Landscaping; Public Relations

  • Posted November 29, 2006
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Recently a very innovative and bright business-marketing student had a brilliant idea for her marketing project. Building a filtration and reverse osmosis system to clean car wash water at a car wash and then reuse it for all the other water needs at the car wash such as landscaping, toilets and pressure washing the concrete and facilities. But the question is if someone produces such a system to do this, can they sell it and will car wash owners buy it?

Business Marketing Student Paula Chavis has the whole thing worked out as she uses this innovative concept of hers for her project. She will have a team of sales people call on customers who are interested from advertising, website, catalogs and other sources.

Now then one other point is that will also be needed to sell it will have to be a plan to PR the water conservation story to the community with a PR kit to make the sales team the choice for the carwash owner. Since there are other similar systems which the carwash owner once they have the idea may purchase instead, so this PR kit should include a plaque for their carwash lobby that they recycle and reuse water, some graphics for their website and press releases which your sales person hand delivers to their local newspaper too. That is one benefit, which will have the car wash owner choose you over any competition. Your system idea although not for reusing the water to wash cars like other systems, still gets them the right PR. Consider the merging of investment in water conservation equipment with the PR value for business purposes.

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