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Conserving Water and the Reality of Return on Investment for Carwashes; Case Study

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Water is a precious resource but so often it is hard to get businesses to conserve it unless it is profitable for them to do so. In fact many environmental issues are like this. Yes it is the right thing to do many times, but if it costs too much, many businesses will hesitate.

Well one business-marketing student is definitely thinking outside the box. Her concept is simple, use the waste wash-water at the carwash to water the landscape, pressure wash the facilities and even flush the toilets. And why not it makes sense using a series of filters and an RO unit as she states. Paula Chavis has a plan and in this plan she will use market forces to get Car Wash Owners who do not recycle their water to start conserving.

So, lets look at this great plan; In many cities water costs for carwashes are only about $250 per month so it is not a significant cost considering a full-service or flex car wash has lots more in labor, property payments, soap and coupon packages for advertising.

So, in many regards the cost savings in water, speaking purely of money of course, not on civic duty to our environment, it may be a very big savings or a worthy investment unless it is a very high-volume car wash or the region is under severe drought and the carwash is under mandatory regulation to submit a plan to local regulators on how they are saving water you see?

Paula’s specialized system could be leased but if lease payments are more than their water savings cost then the ROI Return on Investment simply is not there. Thus my suggestion for a PR campaign to go with it you see? Now of course I am speaking of the United States market not anywhere else. I would bet in places where water is more serious then your system becomes even more valuable you see? Consider the challenge of helping businesses to help the environment.

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