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The Side Degree

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How many sides? You have on the one side, one side
And on the other (side) what? Another side?
That would make more than one side?
Would it not?

OK, so now we have two sides; one side, and the other side
But what of another side? from the first side, there was…
another side, the other side
So now we have three sides:
the first side, the other side, and another side
Nevermind which side came first
Another side? Or the other side?
Nevertheless, we have three sides, like three dimensions

So for time, we have a fourth dimension
So now we know how four sides may exist
Now how can there be four sides, without first a side, one side?
What is a side?
It is on the outside, inside, above or beneath the surface?
Is it the surface itself?

He sighed,

Supreme Mathematics is key to Understanding the Universe — the four-sided square truth of one 360 degree circle that is understanding the equality of the cipher to be born complete. The seven-sided 7 is the number of God, I-Self — the All-Knowing, the All-Wise, the All-Seeing, Master, Ruler, Creator, Owner, and Maker of the Universe, which is everything — the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Knowledge is the foundation and Wisdom is the way; Understanding lets you know that your on your way.

Junior “TRUE” Williams is a 3rd year student at York University in Toronto, Canada. He is currently pursuing a double major in Cognitive Science and Philosophy. Also, he is the sole-contributer and author of the Everything True @ York U blog at


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