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Learning in Writing by Changing Perspectives

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One way to learn through writing use to change perspectives. They say that when you teach, often the teacher gets as much out of it as the students. This is because when you were the student you are learning from the student’s perspective; ah but when it is your turn to teach it, well that is a whole new ball game indeed.

Win a student is writing notes in a classroom or writing a term paper their brain is thinking differently, then when they are trying to explain to someone else. As a writer of the nonfiction articles over the last year; some 5000 articles to be exact; I have found myself in a much different place then when I had originally were the material.

Throughout my business career, I had always stayed abreast of all the industry news and data to help me in my business. Eventually my business grew and I was forced to put all my knowledge of my specific industry into manuals. Then the franchise company which I founded at many franchisees and these franchisees came from many different industries, career paths in different perspectives. Therefore, it was necessary for me to make sure our training programs compensated for the wide range of people and their experiences in order to properly trained them to be successful franchisees. Not an easy task at all.

In fact you might be surprised at just how hard it really is. That indeed was excellent practice for me, because now in my retirement I have become the all-time most prolific article writer of all time in less than a year. In order to do this I had to write many articles on nearly the same subject, but write to them to different audiences. Some of these articles were later reproduced and put into trade journals, while others were basic articles to answer basic consumer questions.

In doing all this, it is amazing the deep understanding you get from writing and it appears to be that the best way to completely learn a subject or area of expertise is to use writing from different perspectives to different perspectives. Too many technical details would turn off consumers and too few technical details would make the paper or article on publishable in any industry newsletter, trade journal or paper. I hope you will consider this philosophical discussion and its implications all the best way to grasp deep understanding of the subject matter using techniques in writing. Consider this in 2006.

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