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Case Study; Thinking Thru Writing and Aerospace Design

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Many of us think in pictures and some of us think in words; all of us are capable of thinking in both ways. This is an interesting consideration in that, the brain can think very fast in visual images, but putting does visual images onto a two-dimensional piece of paper in linear text will in fact take the a lot of words. For instance picture a type of car in your head then picture another type of car; now put into words the differences between the two cars so that anyone can understand. Okay, now you see the problem.

Simply imagine the problems that brilliant aerospace workers go through when discussing things. Now, imagine writing that into a white paper with no diagrams. You see the problem? Indeed this is not an easy task. If you visit any aerospace design team you will see whiteboards, chalkboards and sketch paper all around. These designers are using visual imagery from mind onto paper to communicate. And in doing so they are thinking while sketching.

Now that we have discussed that, let us consider a man who thinks by writing. For those who write a lot, me for instance having written 5000 articles in 12-months, we may actually dream about a subject during lucid dreaming stages, where we are sitting down any keyboard or staring at the screen on a computer running a word processing program. In this case our brains have been formatted to think in terms of words and writing.

I can tell you from my previous experience that before I started writing, I always thought in pictures and had trouble talking fast enough to keep up with my visual images in my mind, in fact my whole life everyone told me I talked to fast. Now then, I still talk too fast and often leave people in the dust. The folks often say you make me tired just listening to you. I suppose they would also get tired reading my 5000 articles, but that does not mean they would not learn something.

Most people would agree that writing is a very serious communication skill, which you will need to learn for success in a modern civilization. However, if we look back some 30 years, we will find that all the billionaires that existed, generally had not even finished high school. Why is that? Well, perhaps someone who thinks in terms of visual images rather than words on a piece of paper or a computer word processing program, thinks faster and inherently different.

Is that to harsh of a statement to make? Or does such a line of thought have some validity? Now then, many of the most brilliant aerospace designers have written so few white papers, yet their designs outperform many of the top academic aerospace design teams. This is of interest because like Beethoven who saw the music, Visa brilliant aerospace designers see the airflow and picture it all in their minds. And whereas the academic aerospace designer may in fact have good knowledge of all the characteristics and forces associated with flight, their minds are working differently. Although this is an abstract discussion, I hope you will consider the full ramifications of this philosophical thought and how that effects to speed to innovation in the forward progression of our species, if we failed to address the full aspects of the creative human mind. Consider all those in 2006.

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