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As an internet newbie, I can only guess there are thousands of websites that will pay you for your visit. My own is one that will. But I seriously doubt any website will pay as generously or consistently as Ezine Articles.

A man found a treasure in a field. He sold all he had and purchased the field. A lesson from the gospels about our treasure within. To find the treasure at Ezine Articles, you only have to spend some time. The more you spend, the greater the treasure. Ezine Articles is a free educational resource second to none. Not because of the sheer volume which a very few might match, but the overall quality is very high. It only takes a small sampling of articles from the home page to see this quality. Many of these samples are from brand new members.

In my formal student years I used to comb the library shelves looking for that book which said; “pick me”. At Ezine articles every list has a half dozen or more articles doing what the rare book used to do. It is a place of magic and wonder. Every serious student should be coming here to learn. In this hurryhurry world, we have a place that serves knowledge, understanding and wisdom in bite sized pieces. Afraid of becoming too wise? Just read one article per day and run along. The payout is proportional to the time YOU invest at this site.

The member authors here are aware of about ten to thirty percent of the benefits of spending time on – site. In other words, the sharpest of us have yet to discover the many incredible opportunities on this site. For example: the opportunity to rate an article and post a comment is almost exclusively an Ezine Articles opportunity. One that is totally under appreciated and under used. Every member is here because of a common interest and we should be talking to each other for the benefit of all members.

So who am I to judge another’s work or rate it? Someone who cares about another’s work. In particular, one who is pleased by another’s work and feels blessed to be so easily able to take a few extra minutes to tell them. I only just began doing this and have found it a totally rewarding experience. My personal rating policy is this: I do not rate any articles three stars or less. I might post a suggestion or two on the bottom three numbers, without a rating. When I rate, I post a comment. I tell the writer how I have rated the article and why. If I have a constructive criticism, I give it in the spirit of love and caring.

New authors are joining and submitting articles every day. If I find an article by a new member, I can post a comment and welcome them by telling them they have come to a very special and magical place. I post my comments like a friendly letter and leave my name. Maybe the person I write will want to know more about me and read one of my articles or my extended biography. Maybe they will become a fan of my writing and share it with friends. My point is we could all spend a little time extending courtesy and reap direct benefits from the effort. If this happens often enough, our business becomes a family. We won’t have to join the Army to feel like we belong to something so very special.:-) We can so easily validate each other’s efforts and ideas, it speaks volumes that we do not.

And then there are the forums and the blog. Precious information, new and old, and another opportunity to get to know each other better. A chance for serious and creative dialog with people who have the abilities and desire to run with nearly any good idea. Thus changing a business or an entire industry in weeks and months instead of years. All for the better.

I have only begun to participate in this adventure more fully and I am excited constantly. I may have to stay away for a day to catch my balance. What I am feeling about this cyber place is available to any other who wants it.

If you are operating a competing free content directory, you are making foolish and costly mistakes. I say this without reservation. I submitted seven good articles on what seemed to be five good, if new, article directories this week-end. I won’t be submitting any more to any of them. (Except perhaps, this one) How I managed to find five unprofessional web sites all at once is a greater mystery than Ezine Articles. Four months ago, I would not have known the difference. Ezine Articles is the standard by which all others must be measured. The fact that I cannot say enough about all I’m learning from Ezine Articles is the main reason this has to be a series. Here, the miracles never cease.

Ed Howes - EzineArticles Expert Author

Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently. To see more of what he sees, please visit or do an author search here at Readers grow wiser, better, faster.


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  • Posted On December 2, 2006
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