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Voice Activated Internet Surfing Search and Railroad Vibrations

  • Posted December 3, 2006
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Well voice-activated Internet surfing and searching is almost here, in fact Google announced its plans to offer free software online so people could search the Internet using voice-activated tools. Sounds pretty cool does it not?

Indeed, however for those of us who use voice-activated software in business correspondence, writing or in schoolwork, we know you need a certain environment and special microphones otherwise the background noises and vibrations will make it impossible for your voice-activated software to understand your exact meaning and therefore you will not be able to search around the Internet this way.

One thing I have found using voice-activated software is that if there is a railroad nearby and a train coming the vibrations mess up the words that you speak into the microphone and the voice-activated software is confused. Whereas this may not concern you too much it is not just trains and railroads that cause problems.

For instance if you were on your computer at an airport terminal the roar of the Jets will mess up your voice-activated software. If you are sitting inside Starbucks using your voice-activated software and an alarm goes off in the parking lot or a kid listening to rap music with big speakers; this too will make it impossible for you to speak to talk. And consider that the car is out of the parking lot and you cannot control it. Air-conditioning units that are on full power will also disrupt sound waves. I hope you will consider all this in 2006.

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