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Corporate Volunteerism, Donations and Public Relations

  • Posted December 4, 2006
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Many people often condemn Corporations for only giving when it is a trendy issue. For instance every one was ready to help out in the Indonesia Tsunami, Pakistan Earthquake and Hurricane Katrina. But even so what about all the other issues and what about those areas after a couple of years have gone by and help is still needed there?

Some say that these Corporations, Companies and Wealthy Elite always give to be in the spotlight or for public relations. The same people complain about NGOs and Governments, which do the same thing. Are YOU one who complains about these things? Because I must tell you I see a different side to this issue;

In my life I used my company to help people and used the excuse of Public Relations to allow me to do that. I ran a franchising company and there is no way I could justify the expenses to our team without some benefit to them. The benefit was community goodwill, enhanced brand name or a “feel good” for them being part of the solution rather than the problem. I feel you are criticizing me for giving all my life. I take exception to this and it makes me upset to the point I ask:

“Why should I give, YOU, don’t appreciate it? Why should I work extra hours, give my money and use my brain to help YOU, when you condemn me?”

If you condemn those who give such as the Corporations, Businesses, Wealthy Individuals, US Government, NGOs, World Bank, etc have you ever asked what would happen if they stopped? Having been a giver, solutions provider to so many needs in society, the world and issues to help humans, it seems you are attacking me [personally] so I take your comments personally.

I cannot take back all the great things I have done or my company and replace them with money in my pocket, but it is ungratefulness like YOU exhibit that often makes one ask; What if I could take back all that goodness, gifts, assistance and replace it with personal wealth, as it appears YOU do not value, what I have given. Instead you condemn, complain and tell ME, Governments, Corporations and Wealthy Individuals, as being insincere or uncaring? May I ask what you have done for the common good as you so conveniently complain? Why not just say thanks, so that next time there will still be a facet to turn on when humankind needs a helping hand in their time of need?

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