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Top Producers Use Closing Techniques

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I have not included many of the old, outdated, offensive, repackaged closes you often hear or read about. The following recommended closes can always be tailored and adapted to fit the style and approach that works best for you. Remember that you should only have to resort to these last-minute closing strategies if you have not completely closed your prospect throughout the presentation. Your goal should be to never have to use these tactics, but in the event that you do, these strategies sure will help.

Secondary close

Close on a minor point i.e. do you want the blue or green. Do you want it delivered or will you take it with you.
Do you want the regular or the radials.

Alternative close

Give choice between something and something.
Do you want to regular or VIP

Assumption close

Selling past the close. Want this delivered today or tomorrow. Will that be cash or charge.

Take away close

When they hesitate, say just a minute lets make sure we have this in your size or color. Let me see if we have this item in stock. Let me check with my manager.

Summary close

Make a detailed list of benefits and list in order of how the customer would like them.

Puppy dog close

Let the prospect touch taste feel hold and let them become attached.

Ben Franklin

The close involves the thinking process that everyone goes through before they buy something. On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and write reasons for and against the purchase of the product. Only do your side and say, well Mr. prospect it looks like you made your decision.

Order sheet close

Fill in the order sheet from the start of the conversation. If they hesitate – say I have a terrible memory for details. If you don’t want to go ahead with it I will throw it away.

The relevant story close

People think in terms of stories. Talk about a happy client who was in the same position. They did it and are very happy with the purchase. You can also use a story of someone who walked away and look what happened to them.

Ascending Close

Close with a series of questions that ends with a yes that leads to a close.
Desire goes up with yes – Desire goes down with no
Every time we say yes to a benefit our desire goes up to sell the product.

3 Question Close

Can you see where this will make you money and be a great business you can do?
Are you interested in having your own business and making large amounts of money?
If you are going to start your own business, and prepare for your financial future, when do you think would be the best time to start?

Law of excluded alternative

When we buy something that means we can’t buy something else. Willing to pay Vs ability to pay are two different things.

Is the price your only concern??

Are you going to make your decision on this business solely on the basis of price?

Mr. prospect isn’t it true you get what you pay for?

The Reduction to the Ridiculous Close

For a mere 22 cents a day you can enjoy the benefits of our product.

Invitational Close

Why don’t you give us a try. Why don’t you take it.

Tom Hopkins

I can get it cheaper somewhere else….

….that may be true _________ and after all in today’s economy, we all want the most business for our money. A truth that I have learned over the years is that the lowest price is not always what we really want. Most people look for three things when making an investment.

1. The finest quality

2. The best service and
3. The lowest price

I have never found a company that could offer all three… I am curious Mr…. which of the three are you willing to give up?

Lost Sale Close

After you have tried everything say the following: “Thanks for your time.” The sales resistance goes down, then ask, “Mr. prospect may I ask you one question I have tried to present the information the best I knew how. What is the real reason you did not buy today.”

You may then be able to say the following, “Oh Mr. prospect I’m sorry I must not have explained that properly turn around and reclose.”

Discipline Close

Mr. prospect do you consider yourself disciplined? The reason I ask is that our success is tied together and we need to make sure you will work with us towards your success. We need people who will be disciplined and stick to their goals. When you receive your first check are you disciplined enough not to spend it all and keep a percentage to reinvest in your business? Some people when they see these checks go take a vacation and spend all the money and have none left to reinvest in their business. Do you think you are disciplined enough to make this decision and work with us towards your success.

The walk away close

Good in retail. I would like to shop around and check you competition. Mr. prospect we have been doing business many years and we have a lot of repeat business. Why go through all that trouble and let write it up right now. Everyone who shops here has done it for you. If they still want to shop around say Mr. prospect if you do it today because we only have a few left of end of the contest or whatever I will give you a extra 25 dollars off. If they still want to shop say go ahead I understand how you feel it is a good idea but promise me one thing come back and see me and I will promise you to come back and I will give you the best deal in town. Don’t give the final price say I have to talk to my manager. When they come back and if you can’t beat the price throw things in such as warranty delivery so there is more value. This is the best deal. Why don’t you give us a try. when would you like to have it delivered.

Closing on referrals

Referrals are worth 10-15x’s the cold call. Mr. prospect would you happen to know 2 or 3 other people who would be interested in the product. I would really appreciate if you could give me their names and get the phone numbers. Mr. prospect of these 2 which one should I call on first. Mr. prospect could you call bill and tell him I’m coming or make a appt.


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