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Coaching: Don’t Offer Complimentary Calls If You Want To Be Successful

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When I began my coaching practice a few years ago it was recommended to me that I could attract new clients by offering complimentary i.e. free coaching sessions.

At first this seemed like a good idea as it would give me some exposure and make it easy for clients to begin to get to know me and how I worked.

After a while I began to realize that there were major problems with this strategy and that it required a measure of courage to change my approach to this issue.

The problems were as follows:

1. Many clients never made use of this offer.

2. Those who did rarely would sign on for paid sessions.

3. When they did sign on it seemed that they often had an issue with being able to afford my rates.

4. The clients who did sign on were generally less motivated to make measurable changes in their lives than the ideal clients I was looking for.

So where did this leave me? Well both frustrated and scratching my head. I began to wonder whether coaching was even a viable profession and began to consider leaving it when I remembered how I met my current wife.

I recalled that after ending a significantly bad relationship that I started years ago when I was too naive to know better I decided to create a definite image (by “image” here I mean not simply appearance rather qualities of character, integrity, responsibility etc.) of the type of woman I wanted to meet the next time.

I then vowed to myself that I would not precipitously jump into a new relationship unless it was the one I was looking for.

I must say that at first the waiting was not easy as it took over 5 years before I met my new partner. However when we did meet I knew she was the one for me and we have been happy ever since i.e. over 11 years now and counting.

Additionally I had spared myself any untoward agony, and loss of energy, money and time that I would have incurred had I been too desperate or impulsive during that period.

This simple rule:

Know what you want and wait for it patiently!

Is what I then chose to apply to my coaching practice.

I knew deep in my heart that what I was offering to others had great value. All I had to do was to begin to make that known to those people I wished to work with. Everything else would take care of itself.

My description of such people is as follows:

1. They are motivated.

2. They are willing to pay me a substantial consultation and/or sessional fee fixed by me up front.

3. They are responsible and of high integrity.

4. They never give up on themselves.

5. They resonate with the work I am doing and also feel it to be valuable.

In my view these are the only clients that I feel will benefit from the work I do.

Others will not, pure and simple and so I protect my time and energy from being consumed by them.

If you are a coach offering complimentary sessions I ask you to consider what kinds of clients you are attracting and how happy you are with this group? They will never make you successful and will likely only frustrate you. I think you already know what I’m talking about don’t you?

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