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Free Sample Sales Letter Is As Close As Your Own Mail Box

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The best resource for a free sample sales letter or sales letter templates is in your own mail box.


Just think of all the free, unsolicited direct mail you get every day. You often think of it as junk mail. But consider this: most professional marketers and copywriters keep what they call a “swipe file.” A swipe file is selection of sample sales letters you get that you like — that some how grabbed your attention.

You can create your own swipe file of free sample sales letters (and generate a sales letter template from them) by just spending a few extra minutes a day opening your junk mail.

If you collect these for a few weeks, you’ll begin to notice that some large companies that send them to you are repeating the same ones. That’s often because they have tested this sales letter template or format and know that it works (which is why they send it more than once). Big companies spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars testing sales letters to find out which ones work best. So if they repeat them, you can be nearly certain that these are working, and not just tests.

By spending some time building and analyzing your own swipe file you can take advantage of lots of expensive testing done by professional direct mailers, and create your own template for a successful sales letter.

Scott Thompson, publisher of, has nearly 20 years experience in helping business owners create affordable small business marketing programs that successfully attract new prospects, convert them to buyers, and keep them as repeat customers.


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  • Posted On December 6, 2006
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