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Online Training on Autopilot Series: Persuasion Through Influence, Part 2 of 4

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The Principle of Reciprocity.

People feel obligated to say yes to those they owe. Clear examples come from the charity organizations. When charities include small gifts (return address labels with your name and address on them) in their direct mailings, they double the response from recipients. As a trainer – to implement this principle, always enter a training situation with the thought of helping or leading through example. Give of yourself. Show them your are genuinely concerned about their growth and advancement. Period. When you take the personal time to show you care – it will have a positive impact on your trainee. When this is sincerely felt and expressed, it creates an obligation that the employee will find extremely difficult to ignore.

It’s one thing when you have a class room filled with trainees or sales reps that are all there by physical obligation (they have to be there), it’s another to “obligate” them to listen and learn, by showing a genuine concern for their growth and advancement. They may be there to learn, but there’s not guarantee that they will. As the leader – you need to use influence to change their behavior and make them want to learn.

The Principle of Scarcity.

There have been studies done in psychology that show that people generally have a stronger reaction towards something they may lose over something they stand to gain. When you start to study this principle in greater detail – it’s all pretty fun to watch.

When you present something that in concept, may be difficult to get in the future – the reaction towards wanting it, increases even more. If your presentation focuses on what they will lose without having or learning your concept – there appears to be a much greater attraction over presenting it in a way that shows what they have to gain. For example if you were running a special training course or program and highlighted what an employee stood to lose by not going through the course over what they stood to gain – chances are there would be much more acceptance and participation.

The Principle of Authority.

Employees are more likely to view you as credible if you’ve positioned yourself as not just a “trainer”, but as someone who has special knowledge or unique credibility. If you can demonstrate a proven track record of providing people with the necessary skill-sets for advancement and success – you can increase their perception of you as an authority. Always reveal anything about your background or experience that would tend to increase their perception of you as a credible, authoritative figure. Another way to use this principle is to emphasize your training department’s reputation and history of success.

It’s all about how you position yourself. The credibility factor is a huge persuasive and influential tool that you must leverage as a trainer.

Our system, OmniTrackPlus is an online training and development system that allows you to put your entire training program, on autopilot. Online training has never been so simple and yet, so effective. With the system’s proven, robust automation tools, you have the ability to systematically engage, interact with and influence your trainees… while you sleep.

In our next article, you’ll be introduced to a few more principles. Until the next time then, have a wonderful day!


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George Ritacco has had an 18 year career that spans training and sales & marketing for the financial, mortgage banking and most recently technology and software industries. Currently, he is the Director of Client Services for Global Vision Technologies, Inc (GVT)., a premiere software developer specializing in providing cost-effective, easy-to-use Internet systems for training and development, e-learning, sales and marketing intelligence, pharmaceutical sales ops, client management, and case management. GVT’s primary goal is to provide business owners, trainers, sales & marketing executives and child welfare organizations with tools for improving productivity, profitability, employee morale and turnover, by allowing organizations to automate many, “time-intensive” administrative functions of their working lives. Visit for more information about putting your corporate training, on AutoPilot.


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