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Online Credit Card Merchant Accounts

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A recent survey indicates that when you accept credit cards online, you can expect your sales to increase by an astounding 50 to 400%. If experts are to be believed, in this fast-paced world you simply can’t compete if you don’t accept credit cards. For the online web entrepreneur, the most important factor in credit card processing is how many products you think you can realistically sell in a month.

Business firms are often forced to extend credit to increase sales. In some businesses, the entire sale takes place on credit, cash sales being negligible. In certain other businesses, hire purchase and installment payments are the normal practices. Even in those cases where the sales to consumers are on a cash basis, credit is extended to the distribution channels. It is essential for any business firm to evolve a clear policy on credit and exercise proper control of it.

The firm must ensure that customers and channels do not exploit the credit policy of the firm. Credit transactions should not turn into bad debts. Credit has two cost dimensions: the interest on the money involved in the credit transaction, and the risk of bad debts. Bad debts must be seen and understood as an important part of the cost of credit. They erode the profits of the firm.

All credit transactions have the potential of becoming a bad debt. And even if they are sound, credit transactions always have another serious implication– of affecting the liquidity of the firm. An analysis of outstandings and overdues will highlight the corrective action to be taken. Some firms offer cash rebates to customers in lieu of credit, with a view to reducing credit transactions and accelerating recoveries. Proper credit rating of the client is the fundamental step in credit control. Credit rating ensures that the credit worthiness of the client is assessed objectively before the firm proceeds with the risk of extending credit facility to him.

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