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Gossip Can Bite

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Did you ever work in a company, doctor’s office, hospital or anywhere that there are more than two people? Did you find out the hard way that when a tongue starts wagging at co-workers your professional life will somehow suffer? Did you ever ask yourself how did this happen? When you only made one remark to Susie and now I am in a hot frying pan ready to be eaten alive.

Many years ago when I was younger and stupider I was working in a large hospital billing office. I liked my job and interacted with all the employees in my department. I worked with this woman and we had a great working relationship. My job was to make her job easier and it worked.

Then one day I was talking to another employee and her name came up. I made one statement about this woman and believe me I wish I could take it back.

At the time I was speaking to my co-worker and I made this statement I did not think I had said anything out of the ordinary. But by the time it had gone around the entire department and back to her I had an enemy for life.

To be perfectly honest I do not know what she thought I said because she never told me. I was even called into the manager’s office and asked what I had said to make the woman so upset.

I truthfully told her I did not know. I told her what I had said to the other woman and I do not know what the out come was. The bottom line is I never knew what made my co-worker so mad, she would never tell me.

It made for a very unpleasant working situation. So I strongly suggest even though you have been told over and over again if you do not want your private life hung on a clothes line at work for all to see, keep your mouth shut.

Always be very careful who you talk to at work, home or wherever. If you know from past experience that you can trust this person, speak freely but if you do not know this person, speak cautiously.

I sure learned that lesson the hard way. I suppose we all learn it the same way. I bet you could tell me stories about your work place or even in your personal life where one thing is said, passed on from person to person like a spreading fire and the next thing you know – it is the complete opposite of whatever was said in the first place.

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