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Creative Companions – Why We Need Never Really Create Alone

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In its most obvious interpretation this could be another person. But what if we open this idea of a creative companion a little wider?)

For many creative people, much of their creative work is done completely alone. There are exceptions, for example if you’re in a band or a theatre group, where a large part of your creative time is spent with others, working towards a greater collective performance and with a shared creative effort.

But largely, being creative – at least in one of the commonly recognised creative arts or disciplines – consists of much time with yourself, experimenting, working through ideas, redrafting, redesigning, redirecting your energies until a suitable end point or level is reached.

If we were to investigate more deeply, it’s likely in fact that many people actually relish this time alone, however brief it may sometimes be, where they’re completely lost in their own creative flow and don’t have to answer to any external demands or distractions.

Equally though there are other times where we crave the company of others on our creative explorations, whether they’re directly collaborating with us or just along for the ride. So if you find your creative adventures and experiments are often lonely and insular affairs, why not seek out a creative companion?

In its most obvious interpretation this could be another person. Maybe you already have a comedy writing partner, a producer to your film director, or a friend you go to dance classes with?

Whatever, or however you create, you can bet that there’s other people out there who are striving for very similar things that you are. And in these days of global communities it’s fairly easy to find a website, group or forum who are into just the same stuff that you are.

But what if we open this idea of a creative companion a little wider?

Imagine you’re about to go on a long plane or train journey. You’re planning to make the most of the hours you’ll be spending travelling, and work on one of your current creative projects. What can you take along with you as a creative companion to help you along, inspire you and keep you focused with your project?

Maybe a favourite notebook or journal? Maybe a photo of someone or something that brings back fond memories? Maybe a small object that reminds you of a time when you were particularly creative, excited or motivated? Maybe something else entirely?

You could build up favourite companions for specific creative projects or simply take a random different object each time and see where it leads you.

And you don’t have to restrict this idea only to when you go away. A creative companion of this kind by your workspace, study or studio can be very comforting and motivating, whether it’s a print of an artist you admire, a card from a loved one or a beautiful vase of flowers.

All these ideas can help us to feel less isolated and increase creativity. Ultimately though, the creative companion we all want to travel with as often as possible simply IS our creativity itself.

The feeling of creating, of being lost in the flow, at one with the universe, in the zone – whatever you may wish to call it – and knowing that whatever happens in your life, you can call upon your creativity to get you through it, is perhaps the highest and purest state of creativity and being a creative person that there is.

Maybe some of the above ideas can help you get closer to having your creativity – your most valuable possession – always with you as your constant faithful companion…

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