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Second Act Encore

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I always seem to be struck with paralysis at the beginning of the New Year when we become inundated with ideas for setting goals, information to better ourselves and resolutions to begin and accomplish.

After visiting Cozumel, Mexico in December, I keep visualizing the big neon red “PROSPERO 2006″ sign hanging on the only dock that made it through Hurricanes Emily and Wilma. If you want to see resilience in action–go visit Cozumel and watch the islanders in the process of rebuilding. One of my favorite memories is looking from our second story balcony and observing the workers below busily putting together thatched roofs for several palapas of Scuba Club Cozumel. Some were whistling, some were laughing, all were steadily taking action in some form or fashion. And when an afternoon thunderstorm rolled up from the north, they gathered under their newly constructed enclosures, some with their arms on each other’s shoulders and waited out the natural course of Mother Nature.

One of the people we were blessed to meet before we even boarded our plane to Cozumel was Paul Ellis ( who, at the young age of 61, swam from Cozumel to Cancun to raise awareness for the reefs. He spent seven years readying himself for this swim. Paul is quick to say that he could have never completed this swim without the help of friends and family. We really enjoyed getting to know Paul and are very thankful that humans like him are out their carrying the banner of a good cause through their actions. One of the beliefs I took away after visiting with Paul was the idea that our life is divided up into three acts. He believes that at 62, he is in the “third act” of his life and wants to find ways to “give back” and to leave a legacy.

Being slightly rebellious and just a bit younger than Paul, I acknowledge that I am in my second act of life, but with an encore!! The second act of life to me means that I am at a place in my life where I am both aware that the universe does not revolve around me and also aware that it does. What I mean by this is that I am not that important in the real scheme of things; yet, my actions do have results. Halfway through this New Year of 2006, the question I have in my mind is what are some basic action steps and choices that I can make and keep making and keep being aware of and keep correcting? What would these be for you?

Keep it simple as your making your list.

For example, I especially admire Don Miguel Ruiz’ Four Agreements which are:

1) Be Impeccable with your word

2) Don’t take anything personally

3) Don’t make assumptions

4) Always do your best

Whatever composite you come up with for 2006, remember that you don’t have to navigate through this life alone. I am convinced that there are as many avenues of help available to us as the needs we conjure up in our hearts. One avenue may be to hire a Life Coach, or begin therapy, join a book club, or simply just for a new class.

Whatever your choice may be, remember that you are not alone and just begin by taking one step and then another and then another. I always think of the Great Wall of China and that it was laid one brick at a time (as far as I know).

Recently I saw the film, “Deep Blue”. One of the scenes had tons of these little sand crabs rolling up little sand balls as they took the nutrition from the sand and through time-lapse photography we saw the results of their efforts as the beach was covered with hundreds of little sand balls.

Bricks or sand balls, how do the results of your actions show up?

What ACT in life are you in now?

Bio: Coach Lynn Kindler – Sacred Path Coaching, offers Professional Life Coaching for individuals and groups wanting to discover and identity their unique personality strengths for success. She is a graduate of Coach University, an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is also certified through SUN® and offers the SUN Coaching program for clients who are ready to use the awareness of their strengths to lead them to success in their lives! Lynn’s forte is helping clients discover their life purpose so that they can live their lives “on purpose.” She also coaches high profile people who want to define a successful life in their own terms. Coach Lynn leads self-care retreats in the state of Texas that combine spiritual growth along with Career and Personal Success.


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